Kolloquiumsvortrag: 19. Juni 2018, Carlos Silva Segovia

Electrical simulation of a low-voltage distribution grid with energy storage and power supply from solar panels


The use of decentralized energy generation is growing with the aim of replacing traditional fossil fuels and carbon emissions into the environment. Therefore the installation of renewables energies in the electrical grid has also increased. This type of energy is not always available, particularly with sun and wind. There are periods in which the energy generation is higher as the energy consumption and vice versa. One alternative for a later usage of energy is the implementation of energy storage systems

In this project a simulation with energy storage systems (ESS) is made in a household network area including photovoltaic systems where real measures were carried out. The energy in the electrical grid is also supplied by an energy supply company. Different scenarios with various ESS technologies and control strategies are evaluated. Parameters like capacities and position of the ESS are also evaluated. The results are later analyzed and utilized for the calculation of parameters that allows making a comparison between the used energy storage systems.


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