Kolloquiumsvortrag: 11. März 2019, Anupama Hegde

 Radio Resource Allocation for Cellular-V2X Communication

Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication is a key technology that enables exchange of safety critical information between vehicles and other traffic participants (e.g. pedestrians, cyclists) thereby improving traffic efficiency and road safety. Cellular-V2X was introduced in 3GPP Release 14 as LTE-V and is being further developed in 3GPP release 15 to fulfill the requirements of 5th generation (5G) cellular networks for vehicular applications. With sidelink communication, devices can operate in two modes, i.e., in-coverage and out-of-coverage mode, in standards named sidelink mode 3 and 4, respectively.


The specific use cases related to the availability of network coverage and the corresponding mode of resource allocation will be discussed in today’s session. Decomposing the overall mode switching procedure into subsequent phases helps us to understand the different types of latencies incurred at every stage of mode switching. The ongoing research activities with regard to the formulation of mode switching strategies based on certain conditions and constraints will be presented. Addressing of open research questions and discussions about relevant road traffic scenarios in the context of resource allocation will be a good starting point for the subsequent stages of research.


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Anupama Hegde is currently working as a researcher at CARISSMA (Center of Automotive Research on Integrated Safety Systems and Measurement Area), Ingolstadt, Germany. Her current research include (but not limited to) (i) LTE-V2X sidelink broadcast communication using direct interface PC5, (ii) resource allocation strategies for LTE/5G sidelink (iii) Hardware-in-loop (HiL) testing for cellular V2X communication. Prior to joining CARISSMA, Anupama worked as a student research assistant at Institute of Telecommunications (INUE), University of Stuttgart, Prof. Stephan ten Brink, where she carried out her master thesis. During the course of her master studies, she completed a six month internship at Airbus Defense and Space, Ulm.


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