Welcome to the Chair of Computer Science 7 for Computer Networks and Communication Systems

The group has a detailed expertise in protocols and architectures of communication systems and the analysis of their Quality-of-Service (QoS). Quality-of-Service is an umbrella covering aspects such as performance measures (e.g. throughput of a network, system response time, loss rate, etc.) and dependability measures (e.g. reliability of a network, availability of a server system, etc.) but also real time, safety, security, energy, and economics. For this purpose we apply various kinds of modeling, simulation, analysis, testing and measurements and we also develop specialized tools. Applications areas are: vehicular communications, smart energy systems (Smart Grid), and industrial communications.

The teaching curriculum covers fundamental aspects in communications (e.g. “Computer Communication”) and modeling (e.g. "Simulation and Modeling") and also an advanced aspects such as "Vehicular Communications" or "Smart Grid". Find more information here.