Kolloquiumsvortrag: Michael Zapf, 6. November 2014

Development of a Media Converter for Enabling Inter-Variometer Communication

SkyNet shall become a system that empowers paraglider pilots to automatically exchange data and to gather further information wirelessly from third party components. To connect a pilot to the system and to inject his variometer’s data into the wireless network a media converter is needed, that receives data from the variometer and transmits it over the wireless communication channel. In this thesis I developed SkyNet-Dongle which implements exactly this media converting functionality. I used an integrated bluetooth module and an as well integrated radio module (covering the Sub-1GHz frequency range), controlled by a standard ARM® based processor, which itself provides further peripheral functionalities.A fully functional prototype of the media converter has been created. For productive use further improvements should be made. Radio communication may be improved by providing additional functionality making the communication more stable, e.g. detecting or avoiding collisions. Especially battery usage can be optimized in the future.

Place: Raum 07, Wetterkreuz 13,  91058 Tennenlohe

Time: 10:15 Uhr