Kolloquiumsvortrag: 27. November Florian Schwappach

“VR-Drive: Analysis of the Feasibility of the Application of a Virtual-Reality-System in a Driving Simulator”



Virtual-Reality- and Augmented-Reality-Systems have the potential to ease the analysis of vehicle safety systems through simulation. Applications in stationary systems, as well as the support of moving vehicle tests by augmenting the view of the surroundings are a possibility. This thesis analyses the feasibility of using a Virtual-Reality-System in a driving simulator which combines simulation elements with the real world view. A test setup is prepared, consisting of the necessary elements to create such a system. With its help, the challenges of development are determined and occuring latencies are measured. Two different Head-Mounted-Displays are examined regarding their adequacy to act as the user interface to the system. For combining the camera views with the virtual environment several keying methods and tracking options are investigated. In closing, a statement is given concerning the readiness of integrating this current system into a drivin.