Kolloqiumsvortrag: Nicolas Schneider, 24. März 2015

Messaging Gateway für IT/SPS-Integration in Industrie 4.0 Projekten


Machines of various manufacturers are used inside a single production hall. Because the used communication protocols are often not compatible with each other, it is hard to establish a communication between the machines themselves and to exchange data with other devices outside the building. Already existing standards like OPC or OPC UA are not available free of charge, can not be used on different operating systems or are not fully specified, yet. That’s why these standards can not be used exclusively in a modern system for monitoring or controlling of a production. Also, current systems only exchange raw data values without providing any semantic information. This thesis provides a solution to these issues by proposing a system, which can easily be adapted to integrate devices with various communication protocols without them knowing anything about how the system operates or that it even exists. The information of all attached devices, which consists of a description of the data and the data itself, are distributed over the network with the publish-subscribe protocol MQTT. Interested clients can then receive and process the data without having any prior knowledge about the source of the data. The data providers and data receivers are coupled very loosely, which makes it possible to update one of them without influencing any other part of the network. The developed system makes it easy to connect machines and systems inside as well as outside the production line in an efficient and generic manner, which is a core feature of the Smart Factory. By using this system both, the horizontal and vertical integration, increase and thus enhance the productivity of the entire manufacturing process.


Room: 04.137, Martensstr. 3, Erlangen