Kolloquiumsvortrag: 10. April 2018, Shefali Shukla

Improving the Continuous Test Monitoring in DevOps Project


This thesis is done at teamplay, a project at Siemens healthcare GMBH. It is one of the most innovative projects providing IT solutions and network to connect healthcare professionals and patients across the globe in order to advance medicine and human health. The thesis focusses on the role of monitoring in a DevOps project environment. Like most other software development projects in market today, teamplay is also trying to have a reduced time loop for development to market. To achieve this we are in process of implementing DevOps practices in teamplay. During these transitions there was a need to have a robust monitoring system to monitor various activities at project level. Due to lack of monitoring activities to measure quality of software development in project, monitoring tools were developed by us to meet specific requirements of project. For instance we developed test reports that give insight into the overall successful test deployments in different environments, for measuring success of different features in BDD and for figuring out unstable tests. The development environment included Visual studio team services, Visual studio, PowerShell ISE, SQL server management studio. The tools developed by us are time and cost saving and fulfil the requirements of monitoring in project. Not only do they satisfy the current needs in project, but also they are highly customizable to adapt to new requirements and requests from teams and stakeholders within the project. By giving insights into testing and development metrics, these tools help management and developers to together achieve DevOps methodology and implement it in projects.



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