Kolloquiumsvortrag: 12. Juni 2018, Fabian Hahn

A Study on the Impact of a Rapidly Growing Fleet of Electric Vehicles on the Electric Power System in Alberta, Canada


The Canadian province Alberta aims to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases in the electricity generation sector and the transport sector until 2030. One promising solution seems to be the replacement of conventional combustion vehicles by electric vehicles. However, the assessment of the impact of a growing fleet of electric vehicles on the energy system and their CO2 saving potential is very complex, due to the changing framework conditions of the electric power system in Alberta. A Hybrid Power System Model of Alberta and an Electric Mobility Model are developed to investigate the impact of electric vehicles until the year 2031. The energy system model is based on an existing simulation framework and the Electric Mobility Model uses the characteristic behavior of single electric vehicles to derive their electricity demand.


Ort: Raum 04.137, Martensstr. 3, Erlangen