Kolloquiumsvortrag: 7. August 2018, Ingrid Münch

Erleichterung der Inbetriebnahme und der Überwachung eines drahtlosen Sensornetzes durch eine graphische Anwendung

There exists a wide range of possible applications for using wireless sensor networks in different environments. The s-net® technology, developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, showcases one possible use of such sensor networks, focusing on data acquisition over wide areas, localization and Smart Objects.
However, in the current situation the start-up and management of a wireless sensor network is difficult for users without expert knowledge in this field. In order to make the process of configuration and installation more accessible to a common user, which is the purpose of this work, a graphical user interface was implemented. The handling of this tool was kept easy so there is no need for expert knowledge when using it. Additionally, the current topology of the sensor network can be viewed through this interface.

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