Kolloquiumsvortrag: 25. September 2018, Tabea Drescher

Due to industrial digitalization upcoming as well as upgraded, industrial
facilities become more and more complex. Mostly these facilities are not
equipped by one supplier. To guarantee the communication between the
different components and facility parts a unified communication interface is
needed. The point of this interface is to present the data supplier and
platform independent for all components who need to access them. In this
bachelor thesis such a communication standard based on open user
communication unified architecture will be created for a filling plant. The
standard will be acquired by two OPC UA companion specifications, first the
EUROMAP 77 and second the PackML specification. As template for the
universal filling plant a prototype plant with a filling station will be used. At
this prototype plant the interface generated from the standard will be
deployed. The result of the thesis is a communication interface for the filling
plant. This interface is supplier and platform independent. All components as
OPC UA clients can access the data with the interface.