Kolloquiumsvortrag: 6. November 2018, Matthias Seidl

Implementation of Blockchain-Based and Grid-Friendly Local Energy Markets

The goal of this thesis is to create blockchain-based, grid-friendly LEMs, where, in particular, the use of blockchain technologies as information infrastructure is reviewed, along with different approaches to achieve grid-friendly behavior. As a result, decentralized blockchain-based and grid-friendly Local Energy Markets (LEMs) are conceptualized and implemented as prototypes. Moreover, the implementation of markets and their agents is analyzed through different scenarios showing that it is possible to create blockchain based LEMs reacting in 30-second time-slots to current supply and demand. These markets are also able to contribute to the stability of the
grid’s voltage and frequency level, as well as, congestion management. The results show that LEMs with a higher local self-sufficiency and the tackling of growing grid operating expenses in more distributed approaches is possible.

Ort: Raum 04.137, Martensstr. 3, Erlangen