Kolloquimsvortrag: 20. November 2018, Wojciech Baron

Konzeption einer Cloud2Device Kommunikation zur Visualisierung von cloudbasierten Daten auf
HMI- und SCADA-Systemen


The feedback of results data originating from cloud-based data analytics applications offers new possibilities for production facilities. Results data can be fed back to the production process at process control level and optimize the underlying process with less human interaction or even automatically. However cloud technology and process control technology are dominated by diverse communication mechanisms
and protocols. In cloud systems HTTPS is the protocol of choice. In process control systems the standardized protocol OPC UA is gaining in popularity. This work investigates the current situation of industrial cloud systems and process control systems as well as current research in interconnecting these systems. Different potential solutions to the stated problem are proposed and evaluated. An OPC UA server which acts as a gateway between the two diverse systems is being deployed. Connected analytics applications, process control entities and the variables they want to exchange are mapped to virtual assets and saved in the cloud storage. The address space of the OPC UA server is being synchronized with these virtual assets allowing the exchange of structured data between analytics applications and process control entities and therefore allowing the enrichment of the whole production process.

Ort: Raum 04.137, Martensstr. 3, Erlangen