Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reinhard German


Current Projects

Communication in energy information networks

Dynamic simulation of energy flows and storage of waste heat from data centers and of the integration of large storage systems in local heating networks

Excess energy can be stored via heat pumps in low-temperature storage systems and removed via ORC processes. The dimensioning and suitable modes of operation for economic operation are researched by means of dynamic simulation.

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Transparent Multichannel IPv6

In this project the advantages of multiple heterogeneous communication links, e.g. satellite and terrestrial communication, are combined.

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Multi Battery Systems – Hybrid and New Storage Simulation Tool

The project in cooperation with the Siemens AG addresses the modeling of various electrochemical battery technologies. In the process, we examine well-established battery types as well as systems of the post-lithium generation.

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Power System Analysis – KOSiNeK

The objective of this project is to extend an existing holistic system-oriented modeling approach for the German electrical power system to give statements about the future development of the German power system within the European context.

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A⁵: Development Method for Driver Assistance Systems based on a Domain-Specific Language

Development of a textual domain-specific language for the system specification of modern driver assistance systems in the automotive domain with automatic generation of further artifacts.

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Formal verification and validation of test methods for complex vehicle safety systems in virtual environments

Integral safety functions provide a significant contribution to the protection of occupants and other road users. It is a framework be created, that verifies and validates test methods for complex vehicle safety systems in virtual environments.

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Model support in design, test, and monitoring of image system architectures

In this project we develop the model-based approach for the efficient design of image processing applications. Our approach aims to help the designer to define the right system architecture in the first phases of a project's life-cycle.

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Veins – Vehicles in Network Simulation

Veins, our widespread simulation tool for vehicular networks couples network with traffic simulation and, by employing realistic network models, allows for the detailed investigation of vehicular communication.

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Hybrid Simulation of Smart Energy Systems

The technical and economic impact of renewable energy in systems with producers, consumers, networks, and storage is explored. With our simulation kit i7-AnyEnergy, hybrid simulation models of such networked energy systems can be created.

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Network Calculus and Optimization

Network Calculus is a system theoretic approach for deterministic performance evaluation and allows to determine bound for end-to-end delays, buffer space and outgoing traffic.

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Concluded Projects