ProHTA: Prospective Assessment of Healthcare Technologies

Prospective HTA (ProHTA) is a project within the Medical Valley EMN which is crucial to reach the goals of the Center of Excellence for Medical Technology. It is the approach of ProHTA to understand the impact of products and solutions on medical and organizational processes already at the beginning of the concept phase. Thereby these processes can be prospectively optimized with the health technologies’ innovative possibilities. By integrating technology and processes in simulated scenarios, impacts on health care players can be derived and analyzed on a cost-efficiency basis. Finally conclusions can be drawn regarding the innovation’s development as well as necessary adaptations of the health care system in general. The overall goal of ProHTA is the implementation of a platform for scientific services at the disposal of the regional health care manufacturers. The platform accumulates, as already mentioned above, knowledge and technical tools to answer two questions. 1. What are effects of innovative health technologies and products on the quality and costs of health care? 2. Where are potentials of efficiency enhancement within the supply chain of health care? The Chair of Computer Science 7, in particular works on the module "Models and Simulation”. All relevant aspects of the system are combined in so-called conceptual models, which need not be executable and may be composed of textual and graphical elements. Based on conceptual models, which are agreed by modeler and domain experts, executable simulation models will be created and validated by simulating use cases and specific health care scenarios. For this purpose, modeling paradigms have to be defined, i.e. agent-based models, system dynamics models or hybrid models that combine both.

  • Keywords: medicine; simulation; health; technology; assessment; stroke; oncology
  • Project Period: 2011-02-01 - 2015-04-01

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