Dr.-Ing. Jochen Issing


Journale und Magazine

  1. Nikolaus Färber, Stefan Döhla und Jochen Issing, "Adaptive Progressive Download based on the MPEG-4 File Format," in Journal of Zhejiang University SCIENCE A, Special Issue for Selected Papers (Part 1) Bd. 7 (5), pp. 164, 2006

Konferenzen und Workshops

  1. Jochen Issing, Stefan Reuschl, Nikolaus Färber und Reinhard German, "RTCP based Bit-Rate Adaptation for AAC Audio Communication," 2009 NEM Summit, Saint-Malo, Frankreich, September 2009
  2. Nikolaus Färber, Jochen Issing und Manfred Lutzky, "Adaptive Playout for VoIP based on the Enhanced Low Delay AAC Audio Codec," Proc. 124th AES Convention, Amsterdam, NL, Mai 2008

Technische Berichte und Regionale Workshops


    1. Jochen Issing, "Development and Implementation of a Software Module for Quality Assurance of MP3- & AAC-Audio Encoders," Fachhochschule Amberg Weiden, Amberg, Dipl-Arb., 2002

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