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Lecture at the Collegium Alexandrinum: Blockchain 2.0 and applications in decentralized energy supply

Staff member Jonas Schlund gave a lecture at the Collegium Alexandrinum on Blockchain 2.0 and applications in decentralized energy supply. The Collegium Alexandrinum informs the public inside and outside the university through events with reports from research and teaching at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen - Nuremberg. All lectures of the lecture block New IT Technologies are freely available in the Weiterlesen


Doctoral candidate Jonas Schlund receives ZD.B-Fellowship

Computer Science 7 receives a prestigious grant. Staff member Jonas Schlund is now a Fellow of Centre Digitalization.Bavaria (ZD.B). By means of the Fellowships ten doctoral students with a pioneering research project in a topic relevant to digitization are funded ... Weiterlesen