Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Rainer Stahlmann


Academic Journals and Magazines

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Conferences and Workshops

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  2. Rainer Stahlmann, Malte Möller, Alexej Brauer, Reinhard German and David Eckhoff, "Technical Evaluation of GLOSA Systems and Results From the Field," 8th IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC 2016), Columbus, OH, USA, December 2016
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  4. Rainer Stahlmann, Andreas Festag, Andrea Tomatis, Ilja Radusch and Francois Fischer, "Starting European Field Tests for Car-2-X Communication: The DRIVE C2X Framework," 18th ITS World Congress and Exhibition, Orlando, FL, USA, October 2011
  5. Claudia Dittrich, Jonas Lü{\ss}mann, Fritz Busch, Rainer Stahlmann and Cornelius Menig, "Greener roads by talking traffic lights - Knowledge about queue length and next traffic light signalling," International Conference on Sustainable Automotive Technologies (ICSAT 2010), Chiemsee, February 2010
  6. Claudia Dittrich, Rainer Stahlmann and Fritz Busch, "Refinement of urban traffic state estimation by using queue lenght information," FOVUS - Networks for Mobility, 2010

Technical Reports and Regional Workshops