Supervised Computer hours for Simulation and Modeling 1



  • Semester: Winter term 2014/2015
  • Type of lecture: Vorlesung
  • SWS: 2
  • ECTS Credits: 2,5
  • Language: English
  • Maximum students: 35

Organizational (Vorlesung):

The lectures are given in English, all written material is in English.

Summary (Vorlesung):

Overview of the various kinds of simulation, discrete simulation (computational concepts, simulation of queuing systems, simulation in Java, professional simulation tools), required probability concepts and statistics, modeling paradigms (e.g., event/process oriented, queuing systems, Petri nets, UML statecharts), input modeling (selecting input probability distributions), random number generation (linear congruential generators and variants, generating random variates), output analysis (warm-up period detection, independent replications, result presentation), continuous and hybrid simulation (differential equations, numerical solution, hybrid statecharts), simulation software, case studies, parallel and distributed simulation.

Time and place

    Field of studies

    • PF, CE-BA-G
    • WPF, CE-MA-INF
    • WPF, INF-BA-V-KS
    • WF, INF-MA
    • WPF, MB-BA-FG13
    • WPF, MB-MA-FG13
    • WPF, ME-MA-MG15
    • WPF, IuK-MA-KN-INF

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